Our services capitalize on 30 plus years’ experience in successfully designing, building and improving upon manufacturing processes. We will work closely with your team to define, create and build only the most robust and repeatable processes.

We can provide full project management for your opportunity, allowing your team to focus on the day to day demand of keeping your factory running smoothly.

Our approach is to provide solutions and lean strategies built around flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness. Our efforts are focused on improving quality, reducing waste and minimizing cost by streamlining processes for maximum efficiency.

Machining & Assembly Process Engineering
Create new and or improve upon existing machining and assembly operations. Services can include preferred level of documentation for traveler planning, set-up, operation, quality control and standard work instructions. We can provide this information using your standard formats or provide one for you.

CNC Machine Programming
Provide CNC programming in support of 3, 4 & 5 axis machining centers and Multi Axis - Multi Spindle Turning/Milling Centers. Support for on-site code proofing is available. DES maintains a vast knowledge of tooling and fixture design concepts and will assist you with recommendations, or we can provide you with a full design package.

Custom Tooling & Fixture Design
We maintain extensive experience in the design of machining and assembly tooling. We can offer full fixture assembly models and the drawings required for the manufacture of your tooling requirements. If you’re unable to build the tools in your own facility we can build them for you.

Robotic & Cellular Manufacturing
Design and create manufacturing cells offering custom solutions to your specific needs and application. From automating a single process to multi machine interfaces we can streamline your processes for optimum output. Robotic machine tending and Computer Integrated Manufacturing designed to hit your numbers reliably.

3D Modeling & GD&T Drawings
We can provide simple 2D drawings all the way up to complex parametric models. For single part or complex assembly’s we provide comprehensive CAD design for all of your project needs.

Workholding Applications
DES maintains and extensive network of Workholding Solution Providers and can recommend the best possible technologies for your needs. Where custom applications are required we can provide full design, documentation and creation.

Cutting Tool Applications / F&S Optimization
With over 30 years of machining experience we can fully optimize new and existing programs for the best possible balance of cutting tool life and cutting speed. With our machining experience and working with several of the leading cutting tool manufacturers, we can improve your processing time on even the toughest of materials and applications.

Tool Life Studies & Failure Mode Analysis
Comprehensive tool life studies and failure mode analysis can be performed for any of your manufacturing processes or part specific requirements. We will find the cause and make correction action recommendations.

Six Sigma Process Improvements
DES can evaluate your existing manufacturing operations and product flow to help reduce waste and eliminate non-value added activities. From 5S implementation to leading kaizen events we can help you in streamlining your operations.

Current & Future State Mapping
Value Stream Mapping is a very effective tool for evaluating where improvements need to occur within manufacturing operations. VSM identity’s bottlenecks and non-value added activities which can then be corrected through kaizen improvement events. DES can provide full plant level or single process value stream mapping for both current and future states.

Inspection & Quality Control
DES can provide full inspections systems for your specific needs. From mechanical gages to fully automated inspection systems we have the knowledge and know-how to inspect & validate your products requirements. We can employ contact and non-contact methods as well as vision inspection systems.

GibbsCAM Programming Software

GibbsCAM® is a cutting-edge CAM system for programming CNC machine tools. GibbsCAM has the power and flexibility to let you make parts the way you want. With its shop-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, you’ll maximize productivity.



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